US presidential election: war in decisive phase, know who is ahead of Trump or Biden

US presidential election: war in decisive phase, know who is ahead of Trump or Biden
The contest of the US presidential election 2020 is getting interesting. Democratic rival Joe Biden is giving tough competition to President Donald Trump. Biden appears to benefit from the four states that played a key role in the presidential election. In 2016, voters who did not exercise franchise in these areas came out this time. Democrats are seeing its direct benefit.

According to a local survey, 77-year-old former Vice President Biden leads Donald Trump in northern Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as well as the states of Florida and Arizona. According to a local channel survey, Biden jumped 11 points to 41 percent to 52 percent in Wisconsin. At the same time, President Trump has made a tweet, in which he seems confident about victory. Trump tweeted, 'We are winning by a good number. Sleepy which has already been out of electoral battles in some states. '

This is the first time in the US since 2008 that the opposition candidate has come to such a strong position. Earlier, Barack Obama won with 365 electoral college votes. At the same time, the biggest challenge for Trump is the Electoral College's 270 votes. The question arises whether Biden will lead in three of the four states surveyed? If that happens, it will certainly be enough to win. If the equation changes in Florida, the picture will be exactly the same as it was between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

According to the news, Biden has gained a slight advantage in Florida in the last phase of the election campaign. Biden leads Trump with three points. The report said that Trump's support did not increase by more than 44 percent in any state. The difference between Wisconsin and Florida is 3.2 percent. Arizona has 3 and Pennsylvania has 2.4 points.

Biden wrote in a tweet, 'We have the ultimate power in our hands: the power of the vote. Do not go waste. Poll "Meanwhile, there are reports that Biden is growing in the upper Midwest states of Wisconsin and Michigan. At the same time, there is a tough fight between Biden and President Trump in Arizona and North Carolina. Trump won four of these states in 2016 Won. According to a report, Trump is facing opposition from women, young voters, senior citizens, and especially new voters.

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