7 prophecies of Nostradamus, will there be catastrophe in 2021?

7 prophecies of Nostradamus, will there be catastrophe in 2021?
The predictions of the French prophet Michael de Nostredamus are proving correct year after year. So far, over 70 percent of the predictions Nastredamus has made in his books have proved to be true. Hundreds of years ago, Nostradamus made many prophecies through a book called Les Professes. The first edition of this book came in 1555. There are a total of 6338 prophecies in this book of Nostradamus, most of which have come true.

In 2021, zombie will become human - a Russian scientist will develop a biological weapon and virus that will make a human a zombie. In this way the human species will be destroyed. Biological vaping continues to pose a threat to the entire world. We have an example of destruction due to corona virus. Many experts believe that the corona virus was produced in a laboratory in China and made a weapon of destruction. According to Nostradamus, this time a new virus developed in Russia will cause the Holocaust of humans.

According to Nastredamus, the great planet in 2021, famines, earthquakes, various diseases and epidemics will be the first signs of the end of the world. The corona virus epidemic in the year 2020 can be considered its beginning. In 2021, a famine will come, which the world has never faced before. A large part of the world's population will not be able to recover from this devastation. The destruction of the Sun in 2021 will cause damage to the Earth. Climate change will lead to war and confrontation. Fights for resources will begin in the world and people will flee.

Comet will hit Earth in 2021 - Nostradamus has also spoken of hitting Earth with Comet, which will cause earthquakes and many natural disasters. This asteroid will begin to boil as it enters the Earth's orbit. This view in the sky will be like 'Great Fire'.

Surprisingly, even NASA scientists have already predicted the possibility of a large comet hitting the Earth. According to scientists, on 6 May 2021, there is a threat of an asteroid hitting the Earth called 2009 KF1. Scientists say that the power of this asteroid will be about 15 times greater than that of the atomic bomb, which the US dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

What Corona will do in 2021 - Nostradamus has described the year 2020 as the year of the epidemic. In such a situation, his year 2021 predictions cannot be ignored. Anyway, after a new strain of Corona virus has been found in the United Kingdom, fear clouds are looming all over the world.

Brain Chip - To save mankind, American soldiers will be replaced, at least on a mental level, like Cyberberg. Brain chip will be used for this. This chip will work to increase the biological intelligence of the human brain. This means that we will incorporate artificial intelligence into our intelligence and body.

Earthquakes in California- So far, Nostradamus' prediction about natural disasters and epidemics has proved to be accurate. In this regard, the year 2021 can prove to be even more terrible. Earthquakes can wreak havoc in any part of the world. A devastating earthquake will destroy the 'New World'. California can be called its logical place where it can be.

How much impact of predictions: Scientists do not give much importance to these predictions, but those who study on Nostradamus believe that the coming year could prove to be a disaster. The strength and truth in these claims will be known only in 2021.

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