Chinfing wants to make China the world's biggest force: Ponpio

Chinfing wants to make China the world's biggest force: Ponpio
US Secretary of State Mike Ponpio has claimed that Chinese President Xi Jinping not only wants full control of domestic affairs, but also wants to make his country the world's largest force. Therefore, Chinese leaders are increasing military power under the plan and also manipulating international organizations.

"Chinfing stated his intentions clearly," Ponpio said Wednesday at an event at the Georgia Institute of Technology. You just have to listen to what he says. He says he wants complete control over his country and is ready to make China the number one force abroad. He is working in this direction.

According to the US Secretary of State, '(Chinfing) Chinese army is strengthening the People's Liberation Army (PLA). He is also manipulating international organizations for the benefit of Beijing. He is engaged in a wide-ranging campaign that has worldwide influence. The 67-year-old Chinfing is the chairman and general secretary of the ruling Communist Party of China as well as the chairman of the Central Military Commission. In the year 2018, China's Parliament abolished the limited term for the post, which was two years. After this, Chinfing will now take over as the chairman. He said that the Communist Party of China wants to target not only Chinese citizens but also American students and professors.

In the year 2018, through the Chinese Parliament, that provision was abolished, under which a person can remain President for only two terms. With the end of this provision, Chinfing can remain president for a lifetime. Ponpio said that the Communist Party knew that it could not match American research, discovery and technology. Therefore his technique is based on theft or purchase from other countries.

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