Donald Trump beats Joe Biden even after losing US presidential election

Donald Trump beats Joe Biden even after losing US presidential election
In the year 2020, most tweets in the world were made by people in relation to US President Donald Trump and in this case the President-Elect who finished second. This was revealed in a year-end review of micro-blogging site Twitter, which released a list of these most tweet-about people.

In his blog post, Twitter's global head of consumer communications Tracy McGraw wrote, 'People have also used Twitter this year to publicly advocate political change and to demand accountability from world leaders. In 2020, more than 700 million tweets were sent to elections around the world. On the other hand, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Kamal Harris were the world's figures most tweeted.

According to the blog post, it is no surprise that the hashtag used by most people this year was #COVID19. Worldwide, more than 68 million people were infected with the virus, of which 15.5 million died.

He further wrote, 'Not only has this hashtag been tweeted about 400 million times, but we have also seen the ways in which it was changed while writing about many other topics. #StayHome became the third largest hashtag of the year when most people in the world were living in homes. We also noticed a change in habits through Twitter.

Meanwhile, the second most tweeted hashtag of the year was #BlackLivesMatter due to the murder of George Floyd. There were protests against police brutality not only in the US but around the world.

He further wrote, 'The world promoted the need for equality and social justice after the death of George Floyd. In addition, George Floyd was ranked third on the most tweeted list in the world.

Former President Barack Obama, rapper Kanye West and the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant are among the list of people most tweeted.

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