Google map reveals the wrong path, 18-year-old boy dies of cold

Google map reveals the wrong path, 18-year-old boy dies of cold
ROAD OF BONES: Two youths were stranded on the 'Road of Bones' in Russia for more than a week. Here the temperature rises to -50 degrees due to which one died due to cold.

Sometimes a small mistake becomes a question of life and death for you. A similar case has also surfaced in Siberia, Russia, in which an 18-year-old boy lost his way due to a small mistake on Google Maps. The night the boy went on the wrong track, the temperature reached -50 ° C and he died due to cold in winter. Both were stuck on this road for several days.

According to The Sun's report, Sergey Ustinov and Valdislav Istomin were going to Magadan port in Siberia but they went in the wrong direction with the help of Google Maps. They accidentally reached the road of Bones, which is considered quite dangerous during the night as the temperature here suddenly drops. Google Maps sent the two on a path that was not only closed but also very complicated. The two set out on a journey from the coldest city of the world, Yakutsk, to the port of Magadan.

The road was completely covered with snow and the car's radiator also stopped working as winter progressed. These two boys did not know how to deal with the severe cold and so one of them died due to frost while the other's arms and legs are badly frozen and may have to be torn apart. According to the news, Sergey's entire body is frozen like a stone, while Vladislav is still alive but in bad condition. Sergei died due to hyperthermia.

The road where Sergei died is also known as the 'road of death'. Stalin is said to have used political prisoners to build it. 10 million people lost their lives even during its construction. The distance from Yakutsk to the port of Magadan is 1900 km via the Colima Federal Highway while it is 1733 km via the Road of Bones. Because of this, Google Maps instructed both boys to follow this path. The road is said to have been unused since 1970. Due to this, police patrolling also took several days to reach here.

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