Having hair on these parts of the body is considered very auspicious.

Having hair on these parts of the body is considered very auspicious.
In palmistry, it is not only the lines of the hands, but also about the texture of all parts of the body and the future of a person by looking at the marks on them. In this sequence, today we are going to talk about hair on the body. Having hair on body parts is a normal process, but keeping hair on some parts is considered auspicious. Let's know about them…

The long, dark and thick hair of women is considered extremely auspicious in palmistry. It is believed that men marrying such women get considerable success. Such men perform very well in jobs and occupations. Such women are very lucky. It is believed that his in-laws also love him very much.

Some women also have a lot of hair on their arms. They are also rich in luck, but it is believed that such women are very stubborn. She believes in completing every task with her own insistence. No work of these women remains incomplete. These women have a different type of passion for dealing with work on time. There is no shortage of money and they are also very sharp of mind.

It is believed that men who have hair on their arms are very lucky. People with such hands are very intelligent and knowledgeable. On the other hand, men who have short hair on their hands are farsighted but mean. Such men are also considered a bit stingy in terms of spending money.

Having hair on the chest is considered very good. This is an auspicious sign for both men or women. It is believed that such men are quite satisfied. Such women or men never run after money. The only value of money for them is that none of their work stops. For them, depositing money is not necessary.

It is considered good to have hair on a person's ear. Such individuals are considered very responsible. Such women and men can be trusted blindly. You can assign them any task without hesitation and they give their hundred percent in it. They never give up under any circumstances.

Having hair on a person's back is a sign of his courage and bravery. This is considered a very auspicious sign. Such people face any trouble firmly. He is considered very loyal and responsible to others. A person with back hair is also considered to be quite overweight in terms of money. It is believed that Maa Lakshmi's special grace rests on her and they always move forward.

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