How much can be dangerous new strain of corona virus

How much can be dangerous new strain of corona virus
So far, more than 18 million people worldwide are infected with corona While more than 17 lakh 96 thousand people have died. America and India are already the most affected by Corona. In the US, where the number of infected has exceeded one crore 99 million, So in India, this figure is beyond 10 million And now here too, anxiety has increased even more due to its new 'tension'. This new strain of corona has been described as 70 percent more infectious, But how dangerous it is, a comparative study has been done by UK scientists.

According to media reports, scientists say that there is no significant difference in hospital of people infected with new variants of corona virus and old variants. This means that as many people infected with the new version of Corona yet suffer from severe symptoms as they were before.

Although scientists have said after this study that this new strain of corona can spread relatively quickly, Therefore, a sharp surge can be seen in new cases of infection. Despite a vaccination campaign in the UK, new cases of corona are seeing a big jump. More than 53 thousand cases of infection were reported on Tuesday, while 414 people died.

So far 20 people in India have been found infected with the new strain of Corona virus. All these people have returned from Britain. They have been isolated. Apart from this, new strains have also been confirmed in the US. Colorado Governor Jared Polis tweeted that it has been reported that a version of the Corona found in Britain has also been discovered. In addition, this new form of the virus has also been found in Denmark, Holland, Australia, Italy, Sweden, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Japan, Lebanon and Singapore. Due to its rapid spread, people have been asked to be more vigilant and follow the rules being adopted to avoid corona.

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