In Belgium, Corona-infected Santa Claus distributed gifts; 157 ill, 18 killed.

In Belgium, Corona-infected Santa Claus distributed gifts; 157 ill, 18 killed.
For people living in care homes in Belgium, taking gifts from Santa Claus was overwhelming. In Corona, 121 people living in care homes and 36 on staff were infected by Santa Claus. Of these, 18 people have died so far.

According to the Daily Mail's report, employees at the care home of Antwerp, Belgium, sought to boost the morale of the elderly living there. Therefore, he summoned Santa Claus and planned to receive gifts to the elders with his own hands. For this he prepared a doctor caring for the people of the care home to become Santa Claus.

According to the plan, about 2 weeks ago, he became a doctor Santa Claus and came home to care. According to the staff, Santa did not feel well when he arrived. He spent time with the elders and distributed many gifts. By that time, Santa Claus had no idea that he was infected with the Corona virus. Later, when he fell ill, he got his test done, in which his report came out positive. Subsequently, the people living in the care home also began to coronation one by one.

According to the report, 121 people and 36 employees have been infected due to corona so far. Five people lost their lives the day before Christmas and on Christmas day, after which 18 people from the care home have lost their lives so far. Following the rise in Corona's case, the administration has called Santa Claus a superspeeder.

Mayor Wim Kiers said the next 10 days would be very difficult for the care home. He acknowledged that the rules were not followed when distributing gifts to the elderly. Although earlier he claimed that all the rules were followed.

The city has a population of 35 thousand. The Belgian top scientist says he does not think so many people would have been infected by Santa's arrival. Leading virologist Mark van Ranst feared that poor ventilation in the care home may also be responsible for corona outbreaks.

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