Iran became agitated after reading Ardoan's poem in Azerbaijan

Iran became agitated after reading Ardoan's poem in Azerbaijan
Iran's foreign ministry has summoned Turkey's ambassador to Azerbaijan on Ardoan's remarks.

Turkish President Rehap Tayyib Ardo went to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. After Azerbaijan's victory over Armenia in the war last month, Ardoan went there to witness the victory parade of the army.

Ardo read the Ardo-Azri-Iranian poem on the occasion about the partition of Azerbaijan between Russia and Iran in the 19th century. Iran is concerned about the same, because of this, the spirit of separatism among Azaris minorities in Iran can be fueled.

Iran's foreign ministry wrote on its website on Friday, "Turkey's ambassador has been told that the era of claiming the lands of others and expansionist countries is gone. Iran does not allow anyone to interfere in its integrity . "

Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif also tweeted, "President Ardoya does not know what he has done wrong in Baku. This means forcibly separating his territories from Iran's homeland.

Zarif was referring to the Azaris region of Iran. Zarif said, "No one can speak of our beloved Azerbaijan."

According to Iran's news agency ISNA, the poem is "one of the symbols of separatism throughout Turkey." According to the agency, in this poem, "there are complaints about the distance between the Azaris living on both sides of the river Araras".

There are also these lines in the poem: "They divided the river Arus and filled stones and pillars in it. I don't want to be separated from you. They forcefully separated us."

Iran's foreign ministry said the Turkish ambassador had been called for Ardoan's 'interfering and unacceptable comments' and asked for 'immediate explanation'.

According to NTV, Ardoya stated in his tour that Turkey would play a key role in rebuilding the territories taken by Azerbaijan in the war. He informed that Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev has agreed to take steps on this within a year.

He also reiterated Turkey's cooperation for Azerbaijan, "As long as Turkey and Azerbaijan are together, they will come out of every difficulty and continue to move from one success to another."

The fighting, which began in September, lasted 44 days and killed about 5600 people on both sides, most of them soldiers. Armenia was eventually forced to come to a peace settlement.

The ceasefire has started with Russia's mediation and Russia has also appointed its peacekeepers in the region. According to another agreement, Russia and Turkey will jointly monitor the ceasefire.

Since then thousands of people have been protesting for the resignation of Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan in Armenia.

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