Israeli military chief warns Iran of attack

Israeli military chief warns Iran of attack
Israel's military chief, Aviv Kochavi, warned Iran that any Jewish attack would be responded to as a powerful attack. "We are seeing that the Iranian threat against Israel has escalated," Kochavi said on Monday during a ceremony referring to Iranian retaliation by Iranian nuclear scientist (whose death has been charged with Israel). is.

Kochavi said that if Iran, Hezbollah or the Iran-backed Lebanese armed group and party 'take action against Israel, it will cost them dearly'. He said that the IDF (Israel Defense Force) would attack all the people involved in activities against Israel or against Israeli bases. Whether it is near or far.

He said that I say these things clearly and with full commitment: our steps are ready to respond. I advise our enemies not to judge us.

Satellite controlled smart system machine guns were used in the killing of Mohsin Fakirzade, the top nuclear scientist in Iran. The entire system was powered by Artificial Intelligence. The semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted this to a senior commander. Iran has accused Israel of murder.

Iran says that Israel carried out the incident with the help of intelligence agencies of Western countries. It aims to advance Iran's nuclear development program.

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