Kim Jong gets a secret Corona vaccine with the family

Kim Jong gets a secret Corona vaccine with the family
North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un has received the Corona vaccine. has claimed this by quoting two intelligence sources from Japan. Reportedly, along with Kim Jong Un, several other highly placed officials in North Korea and people in Kim's family have been given the Corona vaccine.

Reportedly, the Chinese government supplied the secret Corona vaccine to North Korea. Within the last two to three weeks, Kim Jong and others have been vaccinated.

Earlier, a Reuters report said that North Korea is being seen as a suspect behind the hacking of the AstraZeneca company's Corona vaccine data. At the same time, North Korea is battling the Corona virus too much. Although the number of corona patients in the country has not been officially released, the figure has not been released.

Already a large population of North Korea is facing poverty and due to Corona, the country's economic situation is beginning to deteriorate. North Korea also faces several economic sanctions.

North Korea closed its border in January to avoid Corona. However, despite this some cases of Corona reportedly reached North Korea. Last month, a report claimed that North Korea left Corona victims in their country to starve in secret camps.

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