Kim Jong-un deployed anti-aircraft gun on China border

Kim Jong-un deployed anti-aircraft gun on China border
During the Corona crisis, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's craze continues to grow. Under his command, anti-aircraft guns have been deployed along the border with China. Not only this, Border Guards of North Korea have also been ordered to immediately shoot anyone found within 0.6 miles of the border. This task was previously assigned to sharp shooters. In addition, a network of landmines was also laid in the border area, but to prevent infiltration of people, the dictator now had to deploy an anti-aircraft gun firing squad, called his killing machine.

Kim Jong Un has closed his country's border indefinitely since the corona virus infection began. Strictness on the border is because trade from China has also been completely stalled. This has led to a shortage of everyday goods in North Korea. Troubled by Kim Jong's craze, North Koreans are planning to leave the country and move to China.

Every month a large number of North Korean citizens are secretly leaving the country and going to China. This is why Kim Jong Un's problems have increased. The North Korean dictator has now deployed anti-aircraft guns along the border, annoyed at the way people go out. These guns can aim accurately at long range people. Their attack is so deadly that no ballistic shield or body armor can stop their bullets.

In October, a military source in North Korea's North Hmong province told the US-backed Radio Free Asia website that in October, the General Command ordered a core-aircraft gun to be deployed on the border. In mid-November, the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion under the 9th Corps was stationed in Horiyong and Masan and Onsong Counties.

According to sources, battalions of anti-aircraft guns have been deployed in the areas most likely to infiltrate. The number of security personnel along the border in these areas is also less than in other areas. Due to which a large number of North Korean citizens are infiltrating into China from these areas. This is why Kim Jong has kept his anti-aircraft gun battalions out of the 2020 Winter Military Training. So that he can work on his deployment on the border.

Kim Jong has not only tasked an anti-aircraft gunner to evacuate people from North Korea, but has also instructed to keep a watch on Special Forces personnel. These special forces are executing the mission in collaboration with local border guards. Because of this, there is a fear among the Special Forces and the Border Guards that they may also be shot.

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