Lloyd Austin was elected as Minister of Defense by Joe Biden

Lloyd Austin was elected as Minister of Defense by Joe Biden
67-year-old General Austin would be the first African-American to hold the post. He led the US Central Command during the Obama government. However, Parliament approval will also be required in his name as less than seven years have passed since he retired.

Biden's decision came two weeks after the names of senior members of his national security team were announced.

Biden and General Austin have not yet made a public statement on the matter. There were earlier reports in the media that Biden would choose Pentagon senior Michel Flarnoy for the position. If that were the case, she would have been the first woman to hold this position.

Biden is scheduled to take the oath of office on January 20. President Trump is still not accepting his defeat and is alleging without proof that the election was rigged.

POLITICO first published news of Biden's decision. Politico also named three people who knew about the decision.

According to Politico, General Austin's candidature at first seemed remote but in recent times he has appeared as a top candidate and as a safe name.

The BBC's US media partner CBS News quoted many as saying that the decision was made in the name of General Austin.

According to CBS, General Austin's name has come forward because of civil rights organizations and Democratic Asians, blacks, and Latin Cox who want Biden to give cabinet positions to minorities and women.

Meanwhile, CNN quoted the source as saying that Biden offered the post as usual at the end of the week, which he has accepted. General Austin has commanded the United States Central Command from 2013–16, with responsibility for the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia.

Prior to this he was the Deputy Chief of the Army in Iraq and the Commanding General of the US Army. He worked extensively with Biden in the years when Biden was the Vice President in the Obama government.

But according to CBS, General Austin also has some problems because until recently he was a member of the board of directors at Defense Contractor Aeon.

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