Makers of game of thrones Chini tycoon murder by giving poison

Makers of game of thrones Chini tycoon murder by giving poison

Lin Chi, 39, was president and chief executive of a game developer company called Yuzu. He was known for making Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming Strategy Game.

Shanghai police issued a statement informing Chi's key aide as the main suspect. However, the police did not disclose the person's name and only addressed him with his surname Xu.

According to the Hurun China Rich List, Lin's total assets were about 6.8 billion yuan, or about one billion dollars.

According to Shanghai police, several employees and former employees of Chi's company gathered outside his office on Friday to express condolences.

The company also released an emotional statement on its official Weibo microblog.

He wrote, "Goodbye youth ... We will live together, be kind, believe in the good and keep fighting against what is bad."

Thousands of people commented on the post and it was viewed 29 million times on Weibo.

In addition to games related to Game of Thrones, Yuzu has also produced several super hit games such as Crawl Star.

The company is also known for its connection to the Chinese sci-fi novel Three-Body Problem and has the rights to make films on it.

But the expansion of the company's business in the field of motion picture did not succeed as expected and the project to convert the book into six films was never started.

In September, the company authorized Netflix to produce TV programs on it.

This book by author Liu Sixin is the first installment of the Earth's past trilogy to be remembered. It has received a lot of praise from critics. Former US President Barack Obama and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg are also fans.

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