New coronavirus' knocked in Britain, strict lockdown to prevent infection

New coronavirus' knocked in Britain, strict lockdown to prevent infection
A new outbreak of Corona virus is spreading rapidly in London these days. The cases of new Covid variants are increasing day by day. Therefore, strict lockdown has been done once again in London from Sunday (20 December). London Prime Minister Boris Johnson once again held a national lockdown in the country's capital.

To prevent cases of a new type of fatal corona virus infection, PM Boris has now imposed a strict lockdown of the Tier 4 system after Tier Three. In addition, Johnson has also canceled the waiver of restrictions during Christmas. PM Johnson said in a TV message from Downing Street, "I have a heavy heart to say that we can't do it the way we have now planned for the celebration of Christmas." He said, I think I have no other option but to lockdown, and the new Covid-19 virus is spreading its infection rapidly. This means that the 5-day exemption for Christmas celebrations by the government in London is clear. has been done.

PM Johnson said, "We do not yet have any evidence that the new type of virus is more deadly than the earlier Covid-19 and how effective the vaccine will be on it, so we need to be careful with it." With the rise in public health and new viruses, Johnson announced the creation of a fourth tire in the Covid-19 warning system, which would cover the cities and regions of England. Explain that till now Tier Three was in force, where the most stringent restrictions were in force, but now the fourth Tier has been implemented. The new ban will remain in force from Sunday morning until December 30. Tier 4 is similar to the national lockout. Under this ban, people would have to stay at home, there would be a ban on leaving home without any reason. Gyms, restaurants, yoga classes etc. will remain closed.

Significantly, recently the UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock claimed that new variants of the corona virus have been identified in the country. The WHO's Health Secretary said in a statement, 'We have identified a new form of the deadly corona virus, which may be associated with rapid spread in the south-east of England. Preliminary analysis shows that this version is growing faster than the current version. Hancock further noted that at least 60 different local authorities have seen a new type of corona virus infection.

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