Rocket attack on US embassy in Iraq, Donald Trump threatens Iran for military action

Rocket attack on US embassy in Iraq, Donald Trump threatens Iran for military action
US President Donald Trump has blamed Iran for the rocket attack on the US embassy in Iraq's capital Baghdad. At the same time, Iran has threatened that if an American citizen is killed in these attacks, then military action will be answered. Trump tweeted from the US embassy, ​​tweeting a picture of the rocket fired at the US embassy.

Donald Trump tweeted that several rockets were fired at our embassy in Baghdad on Sunday. Guess where these rockets came from. We are hearing a discussion that there may be more attacks on the American people in Iraq. I have some friendly advice for Iran in terms of health. If an American was killed, I would blame Iran for this. I am taking it seriously.

On the other hand, the Iraqi army said that several rockets were fired at the US embassy in the Green Zone area considered very safe on Sunday. This rocket attack has increased the possibility of increasing tension. The Iraqi military said a banned outfit fired eight rockets in the Green Zone. An Iraqi soldier was injured in this attack and many cars and buildings were damaged.

There is a concern in the White House of the US President's Office that Iran-backed troops may attack Iraq in memory of the death of Iranian General Qasim Suleimani on 3 January. Iranian General Suleimani was killed in an American air strike in Iraq. The US caretaker defense minister, foreign minister and national security advisor met Wednesday after the latest rocket attack.

The purpose of this attack was to prepare an alternative for the president to prevent more air strikes after the Iran attack. An official said that every choice has been made in such a way that stress does not go away, as well as to prevent more attacks. The US military also issued a statement saying that these attacks in Baghdad are almost certain that the Iran-backed militia has been evacuated.

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