Russian S-400 air defense system threatens US soldiers

Russian S-400 air defense system threatens US soldiers
Despite the US denial, US Secretary of State Mike Ponpio has expressed reservations over Turkey's purchase of the Russian air defense system, saying it could pose a threat to the US military. Security of US troops is in danger due to Ankara buying Russian S-400 air defense system. US Secretary of State Michael Ponpio warned on Thursday.

State Department Chief Deputy Spokesperson Kale Brown said, 'On 14 December this week, Ponpio spoke with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevalut Kavusoglu. In it, our NATO ally discussed the US-imposed sanctions on Turkey. The ban was imposed on the purchase of the Russian-made S-400 missile defense system.

It is noteworthy that Turkey bought land for air defense system from Russia. While the US refused it and warned Turkey for it. Now the US has banned Turkey. The Trump administration's decision to take the oath of office on January 20 could create new trouble for Biden. Turkey is involved in NATO and Biden has always been soft towards Turkey but the ban could lead to a confrontation between the two.

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