Russia's opposition leader Alexi Navalny claims - Putin's intelligence agency conspires to poison

Russia's opposition leader Alexi Navalny claims - Putin's intelligence agency conspires to poison
There has been a big disclosure in the case of poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Navlani himself has disclosed this matter. Navalny has claimed that he was poisoned, after which the Russian agent himself has accepted it. Navalny said that he contacted Konstantin Kudryastev, agent of the FSB Security Service of Russia, through a phone call. Kudrayastev was an important member of the team whose job was to poison Alexi Navalny and erase all evidence of that poison. For this he went to Siberia.

Alexi Navalny traps this man and finds out the truth from this man himself. Alexi became a senior officer of the National Security Council and telephoned this agent and said that he was given the responsibility to analyze his work poisoning Alexi, so he needed information.

This agent got caught in Alexi's talk and gave full information. This person did not know that the information he is giving is Alexi himself. This agent told over the phone that Alexei had poison in his underwear and a small amount had been put in, so that there was no possibility of survival. Alexi has also made a video of the entire operation of his investigation, including recording phone calls.

The administration of President Putin was suspected of poisoning Navalny. When Putin was asked about this at an annual press conference three days ago, he said that if poison had been given at my behest, 'it would have worked'. In a way, he denied it, but now the Russian agency is out of hand.

While returning from Siberia in August this year, Alexi was suspected of poisoning tea in the plane. Omsk hospitalized after the emergency landing of the aircraft. After being unconscious in the ICU for several days, he was taken to Germany where he was treated. Both his wife and spokesman played a large role in Navalny's treatment and Germany was fully supportive. Alexei was also tried to poison a year ago at the Special Detention Center. Alexei is currently in some unknown place in Germany.

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