Terrorists' wifes conceived by trafficking of sperm in Israeli jails, know the whole matter

Terrorists' wifes conceived by trafficking of sperm in Israeli jails, know the whole matter
Terrorists imprisoned in Israeli prison are now trafficking sperm for their wives and making them pregnant. This is not only giving rise to the descent of terrorists, but also poses more threat to Israel in future. Explain that prisoners held on charges of terrorism in Israel are not allowed to have a matrimonial meeting. For this reason, these terrorists are smuggling their sperm into coaches and sending them to wives.

In matrimonial meetings, prisoners are allowed to meet alone with their wives for a few hours. Due to which the wives of prisoners are pregnant in the eyes of the jail administration. Due to the terrorists not getting this facility, sperm trafficking is the only route for them. However, because of Israel's high security, not every attempt by terrorists from inside the jail is successful.

In 1986, Moshe Tamim, an Israeli soldier, was kidnapped by some militants from the Palestinian Popular Front. In response, Israeli intelligence agencies arrested Walid Dacca, an Israeli Arabic from the city of Tira, central Israel. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the court for his involvement in terrorism.

While in jail, she met Israeli Arabic female journalist Sana Salama. In those days, Sanaa wrote about the lives of Palestinian prisoners, so that they had to repeatedly meet Palestinian terrorists imprisoned in Israeli jails. Jail Walid Dacca married Sana Salama in 1999. The couple wanted to have a child for themselves, but their desire was not successful due to the terrorists not allowing the matrimonial life to complete.

Israeli officials fear that if the terrorists are allowed a matrimonial meeting, it could be misused. They allege that such visits can be used to smuggle terror weapons, money and even drugs. For this reason, these terrorists devised the method of smuggling sperm.

In 2012, Sana is believed to be the first woman to become pregnant through sperm trafficking. Since then, as of 2018, the wives of more than 60 Palestinian terrorists have given birth to their children through sperm trafficking. The husbands of all these women are imprisoned in various Israeli jails due to their involvement in terrorist incidents.

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