Turtle army suddenly increased in this river of Brazil

Turtle army suddenly increased in this river of Brazil
The number of turtles in a Brazilian river has increased these days. Thousands of turtle-born babies of South American river turtles have been seen in thousands on the banks of the River Purse. Actually, these turtles were coming out of the river like a wave in a tsunami. Let us tell you that these turtles have been collected in a protected area on the banks of Pierce River, a tributary of the Amazon River.

The Wildlife Conservation Society of Brazil has shared pictures and videos of thousands of turtles through its Twitter handle. It is being told that these turtles are still children, which came out of the eggs some time ago. This species of turtle is one of the largest freshwater turtles in South America.

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, South American river turtles come to this region of Brazil for breeding every year. These turtle babies take months and days to hatch. These baby turtles emerge from the sandy sand and move towards the river. The Wildlife Conservation Society reported that every day thousands of turtles emerge from their eggs and appear in the same herd and this process continues for several days.

Explain that this species of turtle is on the verge of extinction. In such a situation research is always done to improve their management and conservation. Members of the Wildlife Conservation Society look after female adult turtles in the protected area. These species of turtles have been greatly affected by the smuggling of meat and eggs.

According to Aquila Turtle Specialist Camila Ferrara of the Wildlife Conservation Society, giant South American river turtles are born in a similar way. But this moment of his life is very fragile. While embarking on the journey of their lives, these turtles appear together, but later separate.

This species of turtle also plays an important role in ecological forests by spreading seeds in the Amazon forests, which helps the forest to thrive. Adult South American river turtles can weigh up to 90 kilograms and exceed three and a half feet in length.

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