US, B-52 nuclear bombers deployed in action on warning of Iranian attack on military bases

US, B-52 nuclear bombers deployed in action on warning of Iranian attack on military bases
The US is in action following intelligence reports of an attack on its military bases in the Middle East. All US missions and military bases in the region have been placed on high alert. Not only this, the US has also deployed a squadron of its B-52 Strategic Nuclear Bombers via non-stop flights to the Gulf countries on short notice. There are reports that Iranian nuclear scientist Dr. Mohsin is the victim of an Iran-backed terrorist attack to avenge the killing of Fakhrizade.

A pair of B-52 bombers, believed to be a symbol of power from the US, have been flown to the Middle East at short notice from the Berkdale Airforce Station in Louisiana. The US Central Command confirmed the report, stating that a deployment was made in the Middle East to stop the aggression of its enemies. Fighter jets from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE will also fly alongside the attack aircraft.

The commander of the US Central Command, General Frank McKenzie, said that potential opponents should understand that no nation on earth is more ready and capable than us to deploy additional combat aircraft in an aggressive position. However, he did not say which opponent he was making this statement about. It is believed that a senior US Army official made this statement only because of the escalating conflict with Iran.

The B-52 bombers the US has deployed in Gulf countries can also attack with a nuclear cruise missile. Regarding this aircraft of the US Army, it said that "when we fly, the immediate target is in danger". America's air launch cruise missile is capable of dropping 2500 kilometers of nuclear bombs. This means that if this American subsonic cruise missile is fired from the British sky, Russia's capital Moscow could be destroyed. The cruise missile named AGM-86 has been built by Boeing Company of America. This missile is capable of attacking by dodging the enemy's air defense system.

These bomber aircraft are equipped with both nuclear and conventional weapons and missiles. This bomber can carry 32,000 kg of weapons at once. Its firepower is about 14,080 km. It consists of 6 engines and is specially designed keeping in mind the Russian threat. The US has put 58 B-52 bombers on active duty. It is capable of flying at subsonic speeds.

The US has also deployed its most powerful aircraft carrier USS Nimitz near the Gulf countries. During combat, this aircraft carrier is capable of wrecking enemies in the form of strategic airbases. In addition, the USS Ronald Reagan is patrolling the South China Sea, while UAS Theodore Roosevelt is in the vicinity of the Philippine Sea.

The USS Nimitz is considered very powerful among American supercarriers. This nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was commissioned into the US Navy on 3 May 1975. It is part of the Career Strike Group 11 which alone has the power to ruin many countries on its own. The 332-meter-long aircraft carrier deploys about 90 naval aircraft and helicopters, and about 3000 naval personnel.

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