What is Russia's S-400 system

What is Russia's S-400 system
There is a fierce war between Turkey and the US over Russia's S-400 missile system. Last year itself, Turkey bought the first batch of these missile systems from Russia. At this, the Trump administration admitted that it was in the process of making a dent in American security through this system. Only then did Trump impose several economic sanctions on Turkey. Know, what effect this war between America and Turkey can have on India.

These days Turkey is trying to become the Khalifa of Muslim countries. He is telling every issue that is associated with Muslim countries, whether it is the Kashmir raga of Pakistan, or the battle of Armenia-Azerbaijan. Amid this attitude, in 2019, this country awarded a deal to Russia for the S-400 missile system and also got the first shipment. America is furious at this. He is sure that he will use it against America. Through this system, US President Trump himself was suspected of taking reconnaissance into American F-16 fighter jets.

Explain that Turkey is also a member of NATO and as such it cannot take the S-400 system from Russia. This system is seen as a threat to stealth fighters as it does not keep them secret. There were also reports in the past that the Turkish Army was reconnaissance of American F-16 fighter aircraft from this system.

These fighters are called Guptas, which no one can track. This is the reason that many countries of the world have bought this aircraft from America. Now, if the Russian S-400 system in such a situation proves that America's claim of secret aircraft is false, then the American image could suffer a setback. This is a major reason for America's anger at Turkey.

Here, on the US sanctions imposed after the first shipment of the system, Turkey says it had previously spoken to the US to procure such a system, but was forced to deal with Russia after its refusal Was. He also said that he would not pose any threat to NATO allies.

In the midst of this fight between Turkey and the US, India also signed the S-400 deal and its first consignment is scheduled to arrive in early 2021. The Trump administration did not object to this purchase of India and now the newly elected Biden administration is also being seen.

After all, what is this S-400 system about which America became so strict on Turkey, and why does India need this system? It is a ground-to-air blower system (SAM). It is considered to be the deadliest system of its kind in the world, which attacks from medium to long range. It is believed that this system created by Russia is of a higher standard than the US defense system.

China works behind the purchase of this great system from India. In fact, China signed an agreement with Russia for its purchase in the year 2015 and in 2018, its delivery also began. It has been considered a game-changer for China, while it can be dangerous for India. Especially in the current situation in eastern Ladakh, no challenge can be ruled out.

Almost with China, India also began negotiations to buy this system from Russia. The country paid approximately $ 5 billion for the five-fighter jet. Hopefully, its first shipment will reach us soon. Apart from India and China, not only did Turkey sign the agreement, Iraq and Qatar also showed interest in purchasing the S-400 system.

Because of this purchase, the US arms lobby is going to suffer a direct loss, with the US considering such a deal as a loss due to Russia's gains. This is why it is instigated on Turkey. At the same time it is threatening all countries which are in defense equipment deal with Russia.

If India is finalizing the deal with Russia while avoiding the anger of America, the reason for this is Indo-US relations. At the moment, both countries see China as an enemy. The two countries are great partners to surround it in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Under these conditions, the United States sees an increase in India's defense equipment as a weapon against China. Now that China itself has the S-400 system, it is very important for India to have it. And America has no objection to this.

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