WHO gave good news about Corona

WHO gave good news about Corona
The head of the World Health Organization has said that now, with successful trials of the corona virus, we can soon begin to dream of ending the epidemic. At the same time, he has appealed to the powerful and rich countries to ensure that all the poor and marginalized people of their country can get the benefits easily, during vaccination.

At the UN General Assembly on Kovid-19, WHO Director General Tedros Adnom Ghebreyes warned that the virus could be prevented, but the way forward was still full of mistrust. Regarding infections and deaths, Tedros said without naming any country, "Where science is excluded under intrigues, where division is emphasized instead of solidarity, the virus thrives, the virus spreads."

He further stated that the vaccine will not solve the problems that have built their roots here, such as poverty, hunger, inequality and climate change. We have to deal with all these diseases after the corona virus is over.

At the meeting, Tedros said that for preparation we need to focus on the global system. The WHO Commission, established in September, is reviewing international health regulations. The WHO is working on a pilot program in collaboration with several countries, in which all countries have agreed to conduct regular and transparent reviews of their health preparedness.

If we want to avoid such epidemics in times to come, it is essential that all countries pay attention to basic public health services, as well as investment in primary health care. He further said that we should not move towards our exploitative methods again. We are all very close to the vaccine, but the vaccine should be used as a public object and not as an individual object.

We require $ 430 million for the purchase and distribution of the vaccine, and $ 2,390 million for 2021. Health costs $ 7,500 billion every year in the world, about 10 percent of global GDP. Much of this goes to the rich countries to cure disease rather than to protect health.

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