Worldwide concern over new form of coronavirus

Worldwide concern over new form of coronavirus
The new type of corona virus found in Britain has raised the concerns of people all over the world. While people were celebrating the arrival of the vaccine until a few days ago, there is now concern about dealing with this new type of virus. Recently, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that this new type of corona can be 70 percent more infectious than before. However, no evidence has yet been found that it is contagious as well as more deadly. Now the World Health Organization (WHO) has also said an important thing about the danger associated with it.

Michael Ryan, the emergency head of the World Health Organization, said in a press conference that new strains are common during the outbreak of the epidemic and that the new type is not 'uncontrollable', but on Sunday, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock used the contrast did. The word 'uncontrollable' for this new type of virus raises concerns.

Michael Ryan said, 'The measures we currently have are the right measures. We need to do what we are doing, just we have to do it with a little more intensity and for the time being make sure that we can get the virus under control. '

In an effort to stop the spread of this new Corona stretch, more than 40 countries have banned travelers from the UK, including France, Iran and Canada. In addition, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman have also completely closed their borders for international travelers.

New strains of the corona virus have been found in Britain, Denmark, Australia, Italy and the Netherlands. Many countries are also banning people coming from South Africa. According to media reports, another new strain of the virus has also been found there, which is different from the strain found in Britain.

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