Before leaving the White House, Donald Trump wrote a letter that made Biden happy

Before leaving the White House, Donald Trump wrote a letter to his successor, Joe Biden. After the swearing-in, the new President Biden read the letter on Wednesday and said it was full of generosity. By American tradition, the outgoing president leaves a letter to his successor in the Oval Office of the White House. Trump also left the letter to Biden, following the same tradition. However, Trump also ignored many traditions.

He left the White House shortly before Biden was sworn in. He was replaced by former Vice President Mike Pence. "The president has written a very generous letter because it is private," Biden told reporters. I will not tell about it until I can talk to him. But it is really full of generosity. 'He reported that he planned to talk to Trump. Biden read the letter before signing executive orders at the Oval Office. Trump's aide said that in this letter, the nation and the success of the new administration have been praised.

When Donald Trump became president in 2017, former US President Barack Obama also left a note for him. Trump was so excited about the letter that he immediately called Obama to speak. However, Obama was on the flight at the time so he could not receive the call.

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