Britain: Coronavirus speeds up 57,725 new cases in a day

Britain: Coronavirus speeds up 57,725 new cases in a day
In the last 24 hours, 57,725 new cases of corona virus infection have been reported in the UK. The new corona strain found here before Christmas has reached many countries. It is also surprising to see why so many Corona patients are coming together in early New Year 2021, despite a very tight lockdown in London. The Boris Johnson government can take more action on the current state of the epidemic.

People are in panic due to the new strain of Corona virus under British rule. According to the UK Ministry of Health, there have been more than 50,000 new cases of infection in the country for five consecutive days, more than double the number of corona cases reported two weeks earlier. According to government data, 445 people have died in 28 days after being found infected with the corona virus.

The Johnson government is constantly making new efforts to stop the corona virus from spreading. As a precautionary effort, the administrative staff of the Mayor of London is also making several efforts on their behalf. In London, steps have been taken to close the school until further notice. Meanwhile, the total death from corona in the UK has been 74,125.

Significantly, despite being far ahead in genome sequencing tests and commencement of vaccination, the corona virus is not under control here.

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