Dead birds rain on new year in Italy

Dead birds rain on new year in Italy
The year 2021 brought new hopes for people around the world amid the devastation of the corona virus. Thousands of unruly birds died in Italy's Rome city when the whole world was submerged on New Year's Eve. Fireworks were lit in the sky during the New Year reception in Rome, which became victims of birds flying in the air. The condition became that the streets of Rome were gutted by dead carcasses. Seeing the corpses of these birds dive into the air, the eyes of the animal lovers were filled. At the same time, many people were afraid of a bad omen at the beginning of the new year. Let's know the whole matter

Fireworks were set on the streets of Rome and firecrackers were burst at the New Year's reception. The central part of the city of Rome became the center of this powerful firework. Birds of the same fireworks became birds present there at that time. According to media reports, these birds suffered a heart attack and died due to fireworks. The carcasses of thousands of small birds were seen in many parts of the city of Rome. The people passing by were surprised to see these corpses at the Roma Termini train station. On the other hand, people working for animal rights say that these birds got scared and died of fireworks on the new year.

The Italian authorities had asked people to take care of the animals but before the New Year celebrations people forgot all and thousands of birds lost their lives. A video of the incident in Rome is being shared, with one person saying that this is the most disgusting side of human nature. Thousands of birds died due to this firework. Unbelievable, see how much more. During the New Year celebration, Diageo, a taxidermist, told the Daily Mail that when I saw birds on the streets, I couldn't understand what it was. Later it was discovered that these are dead birds and they number in thousands. It was a very sad scene. The incident took place around 12.40 pm.

Diago said that I think it was caused by fireworks. I am not a scientist or a veterinarian, so I cannot say with full responsibility that fireworks have occurred. On the other hand, the International Organization for the Protection of Animals states that due to fireworks, birds are forced to fly in its nests. The organization's spokesperson, Lourdena, said it is possible that the death of these birds was caused by fear. He said birds can fly together and hit a window and power line. It should not be forgotten that they can die of a heart attack. Every year a large number of wild and domestic animals migrate or are injured. Many people tweeted online saying that it is a great omen on the start of the new year.

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