Donald Trump finally concedes defeat, US Congress approves Biden's victory

Donald Trump finally concedes defeat, US Congress approves Biden's victory
Outgoing US President Donald Trump on Thursday gave clear indications that he would voluntarily step down on January 20, stating that there would be a "systematic change" for Biden's presidency. Earlier, on Thursday, the US Congress formally confirmed the election of Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for the presidency in the November 3 joint election.

The verification of the election in the joint session of Congress was done in the early hours today. The joint session was resumed late Wednesday evening after hundreds of supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump disrupted congressional proceedings.

The voters' vote has been confirmed after the incident on Capitol Hill in which four people were killed and the area was locked. In the violence, security personnel had to flee to save their lives and a shootout occurred inside the building.

It is noteworthy that Biden was successful in securing 306 votes of the electoral college with nearly eight crore votes in the presidential election. The MPs withdrew from the party line and supported the two-hour-long verification work in Parliament. He even rejected electoral objections in two states - Arizona and Pennsylvania.

The Senate rejected Arizona's objection to the election results by 93 votes against six, while the House of Representatives rejected it by 121 with 30% of the vote. Similarly, the Senate rejected Pennsylvania's election results by 97 votes against seven, while in the House of Representatives, the objection was rejected by 282 votes against 138. Four MPs of Indian origin - Ro Khanna, Amy Bera, Raja Krishnamurthy and Pramila Jaipal - voted against the objection.

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