Donald Trump may 'leave' America just before Joe Biden is oath in

Donald Trump may 'leave' America just before Joe Biden is oath in
In the US, speculation has intensified that Donald Trump may leave the country just before he takes the oath of office on January 20. It is being told that Donald Trump is planning to visit Scotland. Since the election bugle sounded, Trump is unable to digest it and continues to question the results. The speculation market has heated up after news of Trump's US military plane landing in Scotland on 19 January.

The US Army's Boeing 757 aircraft has been reported to land at Scotland's Prestwick Airport on 19 January. This passenger aircraft is sometimes used by Trump. In this way, Donald Trump will arrive in Scotland just before Biden becomes president. The speculation came at a time when Trump said that the re-election in a presidential Air Force aircraft would be announced on the day of Biden's swearing-in in 2024 in the US.

NBC News senior journalist Ken Dillion tweeted, "Trump may announce the election on the day of Biden's oath in 2024. As such, Trump will not attend the swearing-in ceremony and has no plans to call or call Biden Is not. " The Scottish newspaper The Herald, Trump's plane carries a special call sign. This includes their private Boeing 757 aircraft.

Scotland's air traffic controllers have received information about an aircraft with a special US call sign, but it is not yet known which aircraft are arriving. An airport source said that just before Biden's oath, the US military version of the Boeing 757 aircraft was booked. This aircraft is used by the Vice President of the United States but often the first lady of the US, Melania Trump, has been using this aircraft. Trump also owns a golf resort in Scotland.

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