Trump's efforts to reverse Biden's victory include more MPs

Trump's efforts to reverse Biden's victory include more MPs

Many Republican legislators in the US are supporting him in current President Donald Trump's efforts to reverse the results of the recent presidential election. Trump is trying to formally dismiss these results, when a congressional session is held next week to "count the votes of the Electoral College and seal the victory of Joe Biden."

Senator Ted Cruz on Saturday announced a coalition of 11 lawmakers and newly elected lawmakers who have been notified to join Trump's fight. Prior to this announcement, Missouri jurist Josh Hawley said he would join Republican members in the delegation to oppose the count of states in a joint session of Congress on Wednesday.

Trump's stance of not accepting defeat in the presidential election gave the party a tear. Although 11 coalition lawmakers acknowledged on Saturday that they would not stop Biden from taking the oath on January 20, those who challenge him and the Republican Party members in the delegation are the most comprehensive to overturn presidential election results since the Civil War Huh. Kya is trying to cruise and other MPs said in a joint statement, "We are not taking this action lightly.

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