Trump's threats, if the results do not change, will suffer; Political commotion in america

Trump's threats, if the results do not change, will suffer; Political commotion in america
Donald Trump still does not hold back from adopting new tactics to win his last three November presidential elections in America. He pressured the Chief Electoral Officer of the Province of Georgia to change the outcome and asked him to arrange enough votes to reverse his defeat. Trump called and spoke for about an hour on Saturday and threatened to suffer the brunt if he did not do so.

This audio of conversations recorded in secret was released by the Washington Post newspaper on Sunday. The New York Times newspaper has also acquired audio. According to the recording, Trump told Georgia Chief Election Officer Brad Riffenspar that he should re-count the votes so that they win instead of Biden. The US president told the Republican official, 'I only need 11,780 votes. It should be arranged.

By 16 electoral college votes in Georgia, Trump lost by 11 thousand 779 votes. With the victory in the province, 16 electoral votes went to Biden's account from here. Trump said, "The people of Georgia are angry. The people of the country are angry and there is nothing wrong in saying that we need votes again. Because we want to win the province." However, in response, Rifensper and his office. The lead attorney, Ryan Germany, told Trump that Georgia's results were correct. Now nothing can be done. At this, Trump said in a threatening tone that you and your lawyer are in danger. Can be implicated in a criminal case. This is a sensational audio recording. Trump came at a time when there are only 15 days left in his term. Democrat Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20.

Trump, who did not give up in the last three November presidential elections, has been accusing him of rigging since the results. He has also suffered defeat in legal efforts. His team had challenged the results in courts in many provinces, but disappointment was at stake here as well.

According to news agency ANI, there has been a political uproar in the US after the audio recordings of Trump were revealed. Newly appointed vice president Kamala Harris criticized Trump, saying it was his frustration. Democrat Senator Dick Durbin said the trumps are disorganized and dangerous.

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