After Trump was acquitted, Biden said - Democracy is fragile

After Trump was acquitted, Biden said - Democracy is fragile
US President Joe Biden has said that former Senate President Donald Trump's acquittal on January 6 in the Capitol violence case recalls that democracy is "fragile" and that every American citizen has an obligation to protect the truth.

"The sad chapter of our history reminds us that democracy is fragile, it must always be protected, we must be vigilant," said Biden in a statement released late on Saturday, after Trump's acquittal in the Senate, violence and fundamentalism That there is no place in America and it is our responsibility as Americans and leaders to protect the truth and defeat the lies. "In the House of Representatives, voting in the Senate after Trump passed impeachment resolutions by both parties Happened. "Although his conviction has not been proved in the last vote, there is no dispute that the allegations against him were true.

Biden said, "Leaders who oppose the conviction, including McConnell, the minority leader in the Senate, also believe that Trump is guilty of" dishonestly discharging his duty in the Capitol and is pragmatic and inciting violence "morally responsible The US Senate failed to win. The US Senate failed to achieve the required two-thirds majority to pass the impeachment motion against the country's former President Donald Trump, and Trump was acquitted on Saturday.

After a four-day hearing against Trump, the 100-member Senate cast 57 votes in favor of impeachment and 43 against him. 10 more votes were required to prove Trump guilty. Trump was accused of inciting violence after his supporters committed a crime in the US Capitol on 6 January. Seven Republican senators voted against Trump in support of impeachment, but the Democratic Party failed to get the 67 votes needed to convict the former president. The Democratic Party has 50 members in the Senate.

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