Asteroid Warning: American Scientist Who Warns Biden, Asteroid May Hurt Earth

Asteroid Warning: American Scientist Who Warns Biden, Asteroid May Hurt Earth
Popular American science scientist Bill Nye has warned President Joe Biden to take the asteroid threat very seriously. He said that proactive steps would have to be taken to save the Earth from the havoc of asteroids, otherwise heavy catastrophe could occur. Bill Nye said that the risk of the asteroid hitting Earth will never end.

For the past 6.6 million years in the history of Earth, asteroids have been coming towards the Earth, so scientists have reduced their attention. However, the US Space NASA agency monitors asteroids. Planetary Society CEO Bill Nay told President Biden that he and his administration should take the threat of asteroids seriously.

The Planetary Society said that NASA's Planetary Defense Program budget should be increased so that threats from space can be better identified. NASA has so far identified all the asteroids that are close to the Earth. About 90 percent of asteroids are being monitored. Because of this, while the risk of colliding with large asteroids is low, destruction with smaller asteroids is possible.

According to NASA, the risk of hitting the asteroid is one in three million times. The Society said that America should continue its campaign on the Moon and Mars. Earlier in 2013, there was a meteor explosion in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Then a large asteroid made a hole on the surface of the Earth. In 1908, an asteroid fell in Tunguska, Siberia.

NASA's Sentry System already monitors such threats. There are currently 22 such asteroids that have little chance of hitting the Earth for the next 100 years. The first and largest Asteroid 29075 (1950 DA) in this list which is not going to come till 2880. Its size is also three times that of the Empire State Building of America and it was believed to be the most likely to hit the Earth at one time.

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