Coronavirus: know what the WHO team got after investigation in Wuhan


Coronavirus: know what the WHO team got after investigation in Wuhan

The team of experts formed by the WHO, who went to Wuhan city in China to investigate, has ended its 28-day mission this week. During this time, the team tried to find out where the corona virus originated. Let us know how able the WHO team was to achieve the objectives.

The team sent by WHO to Wuhan could not prove any major change in the principles of origin of the corona virus. Scientists believe that bats are the carriers of this virus. The virus entered into another animal from them and humans came in contact with it. However, it is also possible that a bat has directly infected humans. Scientists from China as well as WHO agree with these principles. WHO team leader Peter Ben Ambarek believes that the virus may have been transmitted to humans in densely populated Wuhan before it was razed.

It is believed that Wuhan Seafood Market is the place where a human must have had a corona infection for the first time. It was in this market that the Corona explosion occurred for the first time. Frozen seafood as well as meat from domestic wildlife are also sold here. These include rabbits and bamboo rats, etc., which are considered highly susceptible to the corona virus. Addressing the press at the end of the WHO mission last Tuesday, a team member said that some of these animals have also been sighted in places that are considered bats shelters in the area. This conclusion again sheds light on the role of the seafood market.

Chinese and international experts believe that the virus is highly unlikely to leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Several types of virus samples are stored in this laboratory. It was feared by former US President Donald Trump and his officials, though China denied it. Experts say that no evidence has been found that the virus was present in Wuhan or any laboratory in the world when the epidemic spread.

The Joint Investigation Committee has not ruled out the possibility that the corona virus would have spread to humans from frozen food. However, experts deny this. This apprehension was widely publicized by Chinese authorities, who found the corona virus on the packaging of frozen food from outside and said that the virus originated in China from outside.

Questions have been raised about the mission, how much would China have given experts the freedom to investigate? How many people would he have allowed to go and talk to? Team member Colson Fisher said he was not allowed to see general statistics, which led to relying only on the analytical data presented.

China had expressed concern about the politicization of the investigation, saying that it would cooperate only when allegations were not leveled against it for the epidemic. Rejecting the possibility of lab leaks, China has described the corona virus as coming from outside and the WHO team has also not questioned it. The WHO's conclusion cannot satisfy those who know that China specializes in hiding evidence.

Ben Ambarek says that China now needs to gather evidence and ensure that the corona virus had been spreading since December 2020. Blood bank samples may be best suited for a beginner. The caves around Wuhan need to be discovered, which is close to SARS-COV-2.

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