Kim Jong Un's wife has been missing for a year

Kim Jong Un's wife has been missing for a year
The wife of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has been reported missing for the past one year. After not being seen publicly for so many days, there is speculation that Kim Jong has made him disappear. Whereas, according to Western media, Kim Jong's wife Ri Sol Joo has been in poor health for a long time. Fearing a corona virus infection, he has publicly suspended her from going anywhere. A few months ago, similar rumors arose about Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un's wife Ri Sol-joo was last seen on 25 January 2020, as reported by UK. On this date, she sat next to her husband Kim Jong during a lunar New Year performance in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. He has not been seen in any national events since. Ri Sol Joo is not allowed to go anywhere on his own free will. Even his official visits alone are negligible. He is always seen with husband Kim Jong Un. Where will Re Soul go and where not? It is also decided beforehand.

On 10 October 2020, a large military parade was organized in Pyongyang. Every year Ri Sol Joo attended the event with her husband, but this year she was absent. After this, many speculations about his health are becoming increasingly viral. Many suspect that Kim Jong-un may have made him disappear. It is said that Ri is brought to public events, especially when Kim Jong Un's soft side is to be shown to the world. Not only this, Kim is also chosen to be more stylish to live with his wife.

Let us tell you that Kim Jong Un assumed power in North Korea after his father's death in 2011. Meanwhile, his uncle Zhang Song-an, who wanted to carry out the reform program in North Korea, approached Kim Jong Un. . Because of which Kim killed her uncle in 2013. It is said that his wife is now looked after by Kim Jong Un.

As reported by Daily NK, people in North Korea have been speculating about Ri Sol Joo in three ways. First- the first woman of the country is struggling with some kind of health problem. Second- People believe that Kim Jong's aunt Kim Kyung-hui is ill and Ri Sol Joo is taking care of him. Third- Ri is focusing on her daughter's studies, as she has recently started schooling.

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