Leader Kim Jong Un expelled officials in North Korea

Leader Kim Jong Un expelled officials in North Korea
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appointed the senior finance officer a month ago. Indeed, Kim Jong is accusing them of the country's poor economic condition. Due to the epidemic Covid-19, the border was closed due to which the country's economy was shaken, but then the outbreak of natural disaster and failed diplomacy made the situation worse.

Let me tell you that the leader had hoped that the restrictions imposed by the US on their nuclear programs would be lifted, but he is still in trouble. In addition, the closure of the border due to the epidemic and the destruction of crops due to natural disaster further ruined the economy.

Due to the current challenges, Kim had to publicly acknowledge the failure of earlier economic plans. The Five-Year Economic Plan was presented at a 'Workus Party Congress' meeting in January, but Kim's disappointment at the party's Central Committee meeting on Thursday clearly reflected the plans implemented so far. Kim said in Thursday's meeting that the cabinet failed to revive the economy. According to KCNA, O Su Yong has been appointed as the new director of the Central Committee's Department of Economic Affairs, replacing Kim Two.

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