Screen Actors Guild sent notice to Donald Trump

Screen Actors Guild sent notice to Donald Trump
The Screen Actors Guild, a prestigious organization of American TV-film artists, sent a notice to the former president of the United States to take him out. In response to which now Donald Trump has sent his letter to the institution and said that 'who cares' you take me out or I leave you with me. However, in its reply, the institution has only called them 'Thank You'. 

Donald Trump is accused of inciting violence in Capitol Hill on January 6 while president. In this case, impeachment motion was also brought against him in the last days of the presidency. Now in this case, the organization had also issued a notice to exclude them from their membership.

Donald Trump has written a letter addressed to the institution's president, Gabriel Carteris, and insisted that the organization did nothing for him. His gesture was to support her during her presidency. He wrote in the letter, 'I am writing this letter after taking that step of the alleged disciplinary committee, in which there was a discussion on termination of my membership. Who cares about these things? In it, he wrote that even though I did not agree with the way you work, I am proud of the work that I have done in my time. I produced Home Alone 2, Zoolander, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and did shows like The Fry Pins of Bel-Air, Saturday Night Live and television's most successful show 'The Apprentice'. A motion was made against Trump on January 19 in the violence case. The board said they violated the institution's guidelines.

Donald Trump has been accused of spreading lies, hatred and enmity. Also, there are allegations of intimidation of journalists, many of whom are also members of this institution. Although Donald Trump did not provide any explanation for the allegations in his letter, he reminded him of his contribution to restoring the cable news business in the US. Also announced to leave the institution.

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