The source said that Trump offered Kim Jong Un a visit home to the Air Force after the Vietnam summit

The source said that Trump offered Kim Jong Un a visit home to the Air Force after the Vietnam summit
In 2019, President Donald Trump offered North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a trip home on Air Force One after the Vietnam summit, a former senior official on the flight confirmed to CNN.

The former official said that Trump had not asked any of his aides if there was a problem with making such an offer. "I did it for my friend," the former official said, referring to Trump's sweet relationship with Kim.

The BBC was the first to report this news.

Trump's National Security Council head Asia expert Matthew Pottinger told the BBC, "President Trump offered Kim transportation to Air Force One. The President knew that Kim would travel to China and Hanoi and a multi-day train trip to the island." Came on. " The President said, "If you want, I can deliver you home within two hours." Kim refused.

The surprise offer made to the brutal dictator came when Trump ended the Hanoi summit without a general agreement, when Kim insisted that all US sanctions on his country be lifted. That was a far-off bridge for Trump, who at the time said that Kim had offered to take some steps toward ending his nuclear arsenal, but to justify ending the nation's sanctions. Were not enough.

"It was one of those days," Trump said during a press conference after the conclusion of the summit.

The news of Trump's offer would reduce scrutiny of his intimate personal relationship with the largely human rights violator dictator Kim in North Korea. Trump has avoided any mention of human rights during his talks with Kim during the summit, focusing on financial investment prospects if Kim agrees to give up his nuclear weapons.

When a reporter asked Kim if the matter had been discussed, Trump responded. He said, "We are discussing everything."

The former president has previously described "falling in love" with Kim and exchanged glowing messages confirming their unusual relationship. On receiving a "good note" from Kim last year, Trump said, "I think we're fine." Later, Pyongyang denied that Kim had sent a letter to Trump and accused him of having a personal relationship for "selfish purposes".

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