America threatens military coup in Myanmar Information given to President Joe Biden
The US has threatened military forces in Myanmar after the military coup and the arrest of Nobel laureate Aung Sang Suu Kyi. The US warned that if the Myanmar army did not withdraw its steps today, the US military would take stern action. Meanwhile, the US President has also been made aware of the entire incident. America is keeping a close watch on the whole incident.

The United States has expressed deep concern over the coup of Myanmar's military. Presidential Office White House spokesman Jane Paski said Myanmar's military hollowed out the country's democratic transformation and arrested Aung Song Suu Kyi. President Joe Biden has briefed President JoeBiden about the incident.

Jane Paski said that we will continue to support Myanmar's democratic forces and appeal to the military to release all those detained. The US opposes any attempt to change the election result or hinder democratic change. He warned that if the steps taken today are not taken back, America will take strong action. Jane said the US stands with the people of Myanmar and is monitoring the entire situation.

Earlier in Myanmar, the army arrested the country's leader Aung Sang Suu Kyi and President Yoo Win Mint. A spokesman for the ruling party NLD has given this information. Local media reports state that the military has imposed an emergency for a year and former general and vice-president Mint Sway has been appointed as acting president. He has also been given the status of Chief of Army Staff. The army is stationed on the streets and phone lines have been closed.

Earlier, NLD spokesman Mayo Nunt said that President Aung Song Suu Kyi and other senior leaders of the party have been detained by the army following the raid operations on Monday morning. He said that President Aung Sang Suu Kyi and other leaders were picked up early in the morning. Mayo feared that he too could be detained soon.

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