Erdogan betrayed Putin? Turkey gives weapons to terrorists for attack on Russian army in Syria

Erdogan betrayed Putin? Turkey gives weapons to terrorists for attack on Russian army in Syria
Turkish President Rechep Tayyip Erdogan has given weapons to the Syrian terrorist group to attack the Russian army. This claim is not made by any third country, but by the head of the Russian army stationed in Syria itself. On the one hand Turkey is buying many modern weapons from Russia, on the other hand Erdogan is stabbing in Putin's back. A few days ago Erdogan laid the foundation to build a nuclear plant jointly with Putin. Turkey has also bought the world's most powerful missile defense system, the S-400, from Russia.

Rear Admiral Alexander Karpov, head of the Russian center created to contain the armed groups fighting in Syria, said: "We are concerned with handing over terrorist groups to the Turkish armed forces in Raqqa." He said that the Russian side is very concerned about the transfer of arms of the Turkish army to Ayan Issa in Raqqa province. This action is a serious violation of the agreement made to maintain the status quo in the region.

However, there have been no shootings in the last 24 hours by Turkish-controlled terrorist organizations in Raqqa. But, Jabah al-Nusra has fired on the de-escalation zone of Idabil about 30 times in the last 24 hours. He said that this terrorist organization has carried out 16 attacks in Idabil, 11 in Latakia, 2 in Alehio and 1 in Hama.

Rear Admiral Alexander Karpov, who led the Russian army in Syria, reported that Russian military police units patrolled the provinces of Aleppo, Raqqa and al-Hasakah. He also said that due to the patrolling of the Russian army, the movement of ordinary civilians on the M4 highway between the provinces of Raqqa and Al-Hasak has started. Earlier, this highway was closed due to fear of attack by terrorists.

Russia deployed its troops to assist in fighting militants in 2015 at the request of the Syrian government. In 2016, the Russian Ministry of Defense established a center aimed at establishing peace in Syria. Under this center, Russia's army carried out operations in Syria. The Russian Defense Ministry claims that the work of this center is to compromise illegal armed groups and coordinate the distribution of humanitarian aid in refugee camps.

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