Houthi rebels attack an oil base in Saudi Arabia with drones and missiles

Houthi rebels attack an oil base in Saudi Arabia with drones and missiles
On Sunday, Houthi rebels in Yemen launched drones and missiles at the center of Saudi Arabia's oil industry, including Saudi Aramco in Ras Tanura, which is important for oil exports. Riyadh described it as a failed attack on global energy security. After the attacks, Saudi Arabia was forced to temporarily shut down more than half of its oil production, causing oil prices to rise worldwide. In the international market, the price of Crude Oil has exceeded $ 70 a barrel. The price of crude oil has reached this level for the first time since the start of the Corona effect in the world in February 2020. In the Goldman Sachs report, the price of crude oil is expected to rise to $ 80 a barrel soon.

The Houthi rebels, who have occupied most of Yemen, including the capital, Sanaa, claimed attacks on military bases in the cities of Dammam, Asir and Jazan, in Saudi Arabia, on Sunday. 14 drones and eight missiles were launched. Here, the Saudi Energy Ministry said that the oil storage yard in Ras Tanura had been attacked by a drone. The Ministry of Defense reported that the armed drone had been shot down before it reached the target. A ballistic missile falls near a residential complex in Dhahran. The complex is used by the state oil company, Aramco. Aramco is the largest oil company in the world. There is no news of any property damage here.

The sites are located on the Gulf coast near Iran, Iraq, and Bahrain, home to the US Navy's Fifth Fleet. Yemen is located thousands of kilometers to the southwest on the Gulf of Aden. Announcing the attacks, Houti also said that he attacked military bases in Dammam, Asir, and Jizan, Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi-led coalition said earlier that it had intercepted 12 attacks targeting civilian targets without identifying the location of armed drones, as well as two ballistic missiles that bombed Jizan.

The Aramco region in eastern Saudi Arabia is known for most of its production and export facilities. Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, was attacked by missiles and drones a few kilometers from the oil facilities on Sunday. Riyadh accused Iran, while Iran denied the allegations. The attack, which the Houthis claimed responsibility for, but Riyadh stated that the attack was not from Yemen. The attack forced Saudi Arabia to temporarily halt production of more than half of its raw materials, leading to a spike in oil prices.

On Sunday, the military spokesman for the Houthi group, Yahya Saraya, said that the group launched 14 drones and eight ballistic missiles at the heart of Saudi Arabia in a major operation. The Houthis recently sparked cross-border attacks on Saudi Arabia at a time when the United States and the United Nations are insisting on a ceasefire to revive stalled political negotiations to end the war.

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