Israel launched a missile attack on Syria

Israel launched a missile attack on Syria
After America, Israel has now attacked Syria. The Syrian air force remained active overnight in the capital Damascus and the southern suburbs to respond to Israeli missile attacks. There are no reports of any casualties in the attack yet.

According to Syrian government media, Israel fired several missiles at Syria on Sunday night. Government TV quoted an unidentified military official as saying that most Israeli missiles had been dropped before reaching their target near Damascus. Syria's air defense system and fighter ships remained active overnight in the wake of missile attacks.

The Israeli attack comes at a time when the US is also taking strict action against Syria. Israel has in the past conducted hundreds of attacks on Iran-linked military bases in Syria. However, as a special strategy, he does not take responsibility for these attacks nor talk about these campaigns.

Earlier on Thursday, the US also carried out airstrikes on the bases of Iran-backed military organizations near the Iraqi border in Syria. The US said the attack was a response to a rocket attack in Iraq earlier this month that killed a civilian contractor. One member of the US service and others associated with the coalition army were injured in the attack.

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