Joe Biden slipped 3 times while climbing the stairs

Joe Biden slipped 3 times while climbing the stairs
A video of US President Joe Biden has surfaced, in which he is seen climbing the stairs. The good news is that Joe Biden was not injured in the incident and entered the flight safely. The incident occurred on Friday when US President Joe Biden boarded a flight to Atlanta. He is expected to meet with leaders of the Asian-American community in Atlanta.

In this video which went viral on social media, Joe Biden is seen sliding down the stairs of Air Force One plane three times. In this video you can see that Joe Biden loses his balance while climbing the stairs of the plane and falls in three steps. However, he somehow handles himself and goes upstairs.

In the video, he can be seen stumbling, sliding and climbing in an Air Force aircraft and then shaking hands and waving. Let me tell you that Joe Biden, who defeated Donald Trump in the last election, is 78 years old and is the oldest President of America.

Regarding the incident, White House press secretary Carin Jin Pierre said that President Joe Biden was fully fit and caused an accident on the stairs. He said that the wind was actually blowing very fast ascending the stairs and perhaps that's why Baden stumbled.

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