Missile attack on an Israeli ship today

Missile attack on an Israeli ship today
Israel's freedom fighter arrived at Gujarat's Mundra port on Friday. It was attacked with a missile on Thursday. Israel alleges that the attack was carried out by Iran. However, this could not be confirmed. India's Foreign Ministry says it is closely monitoring the incident. However, the Indian government has not released an official statement on the matter.

The Israeli company was coming to India from Tanzania. Meanwhile, a missile crashed into the ship. A part of the boat caught fire and the engine was not working. The team extinguished the fire. The motor was also in such a condition that it could be pushed forward with its help.

Last month, an Israeli ship was also attacked in the Gulf of Oman. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Iran for the attack on this ship named MV Helios Ray on the night of 25 February. At the same time, Iran denied this charge.

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