North Korea launches Ballistic 2 missiles again, will Biden ignore it too?

North Korea launches Ballistic 2 missiles again, will Biden ignore it too?
Disgusted by the joint exercises of the US and South Korea, dictator Kim Jong-un is testing various missiles one after the other. South Korea and Japan have claimed that North Korea launched two missiles in the East China Sea on Thursday. Last Saturday, North Korea also test-fired several other test missiles. North Korea is believed to be conducting these tests to pressure the Biden administration following a deadlock in relations with the US. On the other hand, the Biden administration rejected North Korea's missile tests, saying that "nothing new."

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the US and South Korean forces were analyzing the tests on the east coast of North Korea. You have not yet said whether the missiles fired from North Korea are ballistic or cruise? They also did not provide information on how far they have been able to kill. These missiles were fired at a time when the US and South Korea were accused of testing short-range cruise missiles on North Korea a day earlier.

The tests have been conducted by North Korea amid stalemate in nuclear talks with the US. The deadlock came after North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un's second summit with former US President Donald Trump in February 2019. In that negotiation, the US rejected a demand by North Korea to abolish the main sanctions imposed in exchange for partially shutting down its nuclear. Program.

So far, North Korea has ignored the Biden administration's efforts to negotiate. Kim's sister last week threatened the United States to conduct joint military exercises with South Korea. He called these exercises a rehearsal of infiltration and warned Washington that if he wanted to sleep peacefully for the next four years, avoid rioting.

South Korea's Ministry of Defense said the short-range missiles tested by North Korea on Sunday were its first missile test since April 2020. Biden paid no special attention to this, saying that there was nothing new about him. It remains to be seen whether the Biden administration considers this test anew or is ready to deal with North Korea.

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