Private parts of men in the face of contamination?

Private parts of men in the face of contamination?
Pollution-related diseases are afflicting the world, but a recent study claimed that the gender of men is declining due to pollution.

Environmental Scientist Dr. Shana Swan in her new book 'Count Down' has said that human civilization is facing serious crisis due to toxic chemicals. It is specifically mentioned in the booklet. Thalates are a chemical used to make plastics.

According to Sky News, this book has studied how modern lifestyles are a threat to sperm count and how it is reducing the fertility of men and women.

Dr. Shan says that the number of children born with small penis has increased in recent times due to pollution.

Dr. Swann began researching Thalates syndrome when he noticed differences in the sex of male mice. He notes that not only is sex affected, but female mice also have embryos. Their reproductive organs are getting smaller and smaller. Subsequently, he decided to study humans.

In his study, he came to know that the children of humans have the same problem. They are distorting her genitals.

Plastic becomes more flexible due to smaller dimensions. However, Doctor Swan says that this chemical is now reaching and harming humans through toys and food.

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