Saudi Arabia prohibits men from marrying women from these four countries

Saudi Arabia has barred men from marrying women from all four countries. These include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad and Myanmar. Pakistani news website Dawn has given this information, citing Saudi Arabian media. According to unofficial data, currently five million women from these four countries live in Saudi Arabia. That is, now Saudi men who want to marry foreign women have to follow some strict rules.

The Mecca Daily report quoted Major General Asaf Al Qureshi, director of Mecca Police, as saying that if men want to marry a foreign woman, they should follow certain rules. According to Dawn, the government has taken this step so that Saudi men cannot marry foreign women. If you wish to do so, you must ask permission to do so. Additional paperwork must be completed to obtain a permit.

Qureshi said that now men who are willing to marry women of these four countries will have to get approval from the government. Also, you should officially request marriage. He said that if a person has divorced his wife, he cannot apply for marriage before a period of six months. The official said that as per the new rules, the age of the applicant should be more than 25 years and he would also have to produce the necessary documents.

Applicants are required to attach necessary documents related to identification as per the application. In addition, other documents will also have to be submitted, which should contain the family card. The officer said: "If the applicant is already married, he must attach a report from the hospital stating that his wife is disabled, suffering from chronic illness or is infertile." After clarifying, the married man can marry another woman.

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