So far, 98 people have been killed in the bombings on Sunday in Equatorial Guinea

So far, 98 people have been killed in the bombings on Sunday in Equatorial Guinea
In Equatorial Guinea, the number of people killed in a single explosion on Sunday rose to 98.

According to officials, as the death toll rose to 98, more than 600 people were injured, of whom about 299 are still in hospital.

At least 600 people were injured in a serial explosion near a military barracks in Bata, Equatorial Guinea's largest city, the Health Ministry said on Sunday.

After the incident, the President said regarding the explosion that the explosions were due to negligence in storing the stowed dynamite in the barracks.

Some pictures of the accident spread on social media, in which thick smoke was seen over the city.

Some of the footage broadcast on state television showed people helping the wounded and trying to evacuate people from collapsed buildings.

As of Sunday, the death toll was 17 but by late Monday night it had risen surprisingly.

Three children were safely rescued from the collapsed buildings and taken to hospital.

President Teodoro Obiang Guema said nearly every building in the city was damaged by the explosions.

The Ministry of Health had asked the volunteer health workers to take the injured to the local hospital in Bata via Twitter. Citizens were also called upon to come to the aid of the wounded and donate blood.

Three hospitals have been classified for the injured. Where very serious and serious people are taken.

Due to the increasing number of wounded, some hospitals are completely filled. The number of wounded is so high that people are also lying on the hospital floor.

A local source told Agence France-Presse: "We heard the explosion and soon after that smoke started, but we did not know what happened."

The French ambassador, Olivier Brochein, expressed his condolences to the victims through a tweet, describing the incident as a "disaster."

A statement issued by the Spanish embassy appealed to the citizens of their country to stay in their homes. The embassy also issued several emergency numbers.

Equatorial Guinea was a Spanish colony before 1968.

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