The Communist government in China is now angry at the English language

After efforts to make children mental slaves of the Communist Party, the Chinese government now wants to deny them even with the English language. Preparations are underway to somehow ban the English language in Chinese schools. A member of the National Consultative Committee suggested removing the English language from the main subject matter in primary and secondary schools. However, debate began over this proposal. Most people say that the English language should not be removed from the curriculum, as it will not develop the ability to compete with other countries.

With the support of the government in China, schools and colleges have made the teaching of English compulsory since 2001. Because of this, the importance of the English language has increased greatly in the Mandarin-speaking country, and this is no longer popular with the Communist government. Xu Jin, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese General Political Consultative Conference, said in his proposal that English should not be taught as a core subject such as subjects such as Chinese language and mathematics. Instead, the focus should be on increasing students' skills in subjects such as physical education, music, and the arts.

Shu Jin suggested that English and other foreign languages ​​not be included as compulsory subjects for the National College Entrance Examination. He said that ten percent of lesson hours are spent studying English and less than ten percent of university graduates use it, so it is important to reduce the focus on English. Explain that Xu is a member of the Jiu San Association, one of the eight non-Communist parties permitted by the ruling Chinese Communist Party. It is believed that the government can accept this proposal soon.

Xu played down the importance of the English language, saying that smart `` machines '' are being used for translation these days, which also makes translation difficult, and in the era of artificial intelligence, translators are among the ten professions most likely to end in the future. first. Controversy has intensified on social media over Xu's proposal and people are discussing the proposal on the Weibo microblogging site in China. Most people say that the English language should not be removed from the curriculum.

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