The Meto movement in Australia

The Meto movement in Australia
The #MeToo movement is now spreading in Australia. In the past, the case of allegations of sexual harassment against leaders is now beginning to deepen. Prime Minister Morrison tried to break it, but it failed. The demonstrations are now ready for the country.

It now appears that the issue of allegations of sexual exploitation of politicians in Australia is taking the form of a major movement. The Scott Morrison government's attempt to defuse the case by removing an accused leader from office does not appear to have been successful. Women's organizations announced that they would hold protests across the country on March 15th. During that time, a letter of request will be submitted to Parliament. It will call for an investigation into all allegations of sexual harassment against MPs and their employees.

The country's attorney general, Christian Porter, was forced to resign after he was accused of rape last week. He is accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in 1988. The victim died last year at the age of 49. But before her death, she had secretly sent her complaint to the prime minister's office and two political women. The victim was not able to record her statement to the police until the day of her death. Last week, police closed the investigation into the case, saying they had not found enough evidence. After the public outcry, however, Prime Minister Morrison fired the attorney general. But he refused to conduct an independent investigation.

It is now being said in the ongoing public debate in Australia that resignation will not end the matter. Women's organizations demanded such structural changes be made so that gender equality could be achieved in all areas such as schools, workplaces and the judiciary. We don't want another report coming out, ”said Jenny Hendry, one of the organizers of the March 15 march. We want a change now. Hendry is 58 years old. - At this age, she said, no one wants to go out to the streets to protest, but when incidents like this happen in the country, we have to go out on the streets.

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